Our Staff

Each janitor is specifically trained for each site, exact to your specifications.

Our professional, trained, uniformed janitors will provide you with consistent, excellent service at reasonable, competitive rates. Each janitor wears identification and we thoroughly research our staff to ensure we know who has your keys. Our support team is available 24/7 to handle emergency situations or resolve any cleaning issues that may occasionally occur.

Each janitor is specifically trained in your location and your particular cleaning needs are explained. The cleaner follows a specific job description for your office and level of cleaning. Changes in the cleaning schedule or task schedule are passed on to the janitor through their supervisor. This ensures consistent and reliable quality control.

We try to keep the same person or persons in your location as long as possible and do not move cleaners around for our convenience. Turnover is a fact of life, but if a new cleaner is installed at your location, their training and instructions are the same, and the specifications remain the same. In this manner you get consistent service without drastic changes. An exception to this is the situation where a cleaner is, for some reason, not to your satisfaction. Then that cleaner will be removed and another one installed.

We use a 'call in' and 'call out' system for tracking the hours and time period that the janitor occupies your premises. Caller ID notifies us of the location and time for each cleaning session. We do ask to have access to one phone for the purpose of making these local calls. Each janitor is thoroughly briefed concerning your security procedures, and we follow these instructions in detail.

Our Staff

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