Special Projects

If superior appearance and cleanliness is your goal, we've got your back.

The following additional services are offered for your convenience. They enable you to maintain your property in a manner that provides for superior appearance and cleanliness. These projects can be scheduled on a regular basis or occasionally, depending on your standards and needs.

Carpet Cleaning: Extraction method, and dry/chemical cleaning also available.

Exterior Window (perimeter) Cleaning: Inside and out.

Interior Window Panels: Partitions, cubicles, enclosed offices.

Mini-blind cleaning: Immersion, electro-static method.

Food Service: Interiors of Microwave Ovens and Refrigerators: The inside of a microwave oven or fridge is considered a 'food contact' area. We will service these areas as requested with a release. Cleaning these surfaces requires food service industry standards that do not apply to general cleaning.



Strip and Wax: Reconstitute resilient floors, seal and buff, high speed 'wet look' burnishing.

Special Projects

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