Quality Control and Security, you won't be disappointed in.

Quality Control is maintained through a series of regularly scheduled, and spontaneous inspections.

Written reports are issued to the janitor and a copy is left on your desk at the time of the inspection. If you disagree with the results, either in a positive or negative manner, we will welcome your input. Your feedback regarding the cleaning is of utmost importance to us and monthly `report cards' are issued for your convenience. Our clients, who have had dealings with unreliable, non-responsive contractors in the past, have been absolutely amazed when they experience the professional, conscientious level of customer service we provide. Call us for an estimate today. A few minutes of your time now may save you. janitorial security

Security is a priority with you and with us.

Lock up, lock up, lock up. Our training manual emphasizes this obligation. It is stressed to every 'newbe' and veterans as well. We know and appreciate that the care, custody and control (CCC) of your premises is left to us for the hours that we work there. Your security procedures will be observed at all times..

QC & Security

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