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JB Janitorial, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company, dedicated to serving Colorado Springs and outlying areas with excellent janitorial service. We opened our doors in 1989 and have provided cleaning services to all sizes of companies throughout the area continuously since that time. Prior to that JB Janitorial was Personal Services Cleaning, a residential cleaning service in Colorado Springs. So, with roots in the detailed and finicky world of house cleaning the transition to janitorial was natural.


Some of our clients have been with us since our inception and over the years have recommended us to many of their business associates. Your offices will be cleaned to your complete satisfaction, guaranteed! If, for some reason there are occasional concerns we will do our utmost to correct the problem or credit your account.


You will benefit from years of experience and dedication to this field by having JB Janitorial provide your company with the best in custodial services. Your building will shine and reflect the pride you display in your own company. We work with you to establish the level of cleaning you need and to provide that service consistently throughout our tenure together. We are here to serve you. Give us a call today for more information or an estimate. We're as close as your phone.

Every level of service under one roof

Office and building cleaning is an endeavor constantly in flux. A building with a large population faces changes as people, desks and departments come and go. Offices are closed and opened. Changes in the building are common and the cleaning staff has to adjust to these changes. There are different styles and levels of cleaning to accommodate these adjustments. A company running strong, with a lot of activity and a big budget, may want the luxury of very detailed cleaning, with a high frequency level. Another company may be suffering a set back or downturn. It may still want commercial cleaning but have to really consider what duties are practical and how frequently they can enjoy the service. Most companies operate somewhere in between. Since every office and building is unique, so is your cleaning plan. Here at JBJ we can offer all levels of cleaning and still provide you with the assistance you need to keep your premises clean, sanitary, and pleasing to your staff and customers. JBJ was started during the last economic adjustment, so we are not strangers to budgeting. For that reason we have three levels of cleaning and can customized any level to suit your particular needs.

These levels are a general guideline. Since each office and building is individual so will be your cleaning plan. One of these levels of cleaning is suitable for your 'shop', we can customize as suits your needs. Call us today and we'll go over a schedule and Specifications that will keep your office clean and yet not tear a hole in your pocket.


The majority of cleaning tasks are done on a regular basis and some special projects are included in the schedule. Special projects may include, but are not limited to the following; window washing, carpet cleaning, resilient floor care, power sweeping and any other duties associated with maintaining your offices. Premium cleaning is always there, operating in the back ground, quietly doing it's job with minimum supervision on your part and maximum efficiency on ours.


As it implies, a general purpose level of cleaning, suitable for most locations and most budgets. This level of cleaning is suitable for general office space and contains most of the cleaning options of Premium without the recurring cost. Duties are trimmed to the most common chores and frills are included only as needed. Requires more attention on your part, but then it's easier on your budget too.


This level of cleaning is offered for the office or building that needs minimum care. You or your staff may tidy up the premises as necessary, or you may have some other means of keeping the building clean. This level of service will maintain the floors, trash and rest rooms and free you from the daily tasks that are sometimes hard to get to after a long day.

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