General Specifications

Below is a general guideline of the cleaning specifications.

Below is a general guideline of the cleaning specifications related to duties in your building or office. Most locations require a combination of the following rather than applying the complete list. Customize the specifications to meet your needs and we will do the rest. Any additional requests will be applied as necessary and we will always try to accommodate your special requirements.

Dusting: File cabinets and office machines, book shelves, tables and other furniture dusted weekly. High/Low dusting of chair rails and legs, desk and table legs, base boards, ledges, vents, picture frames and door frames monthly. Vertical dusting of desks, tables and office machinery, monthly.

Desks: Desk tops will be dusted per cleaning and cleared areas will be damp wiped or polished as needed. Your work in progress will not be moved. Desk top, and personal items will not be disturbed except for light feather dusting.

Telephones: Dusted per cleaning and handsets sanitized weekly.

Window Sills: Dusted weekly.

Mini-Blinds: Mini-blinds are dusted monthly. For washing and heavy buildup see Special Projects.

Upholstered furniture: Furniture will be vacuumed monthly.

Vinyl furniture: Damp wiped and dried weekly.

Water- Fountains: Cleaned sanitized and polished each service.

Fingerprints: Fingerprints and smudges removed from partitions, light switches, doors and miscellaneous items weekly.

Carpets: High traffic areas will be vacuumed with a power vacuum per cleaning. Low traffic areas, including knee holes, behind doors, under furniture (where practical) and around office equipment, weekly. Does not include hand picking of staples. Edges and corners will be vacuumed monthly or as needed. Small spots removed as needed when carpet service is contracted. Steam cleaning, extraction, large stains and dry carpet cleaning, see Special Projects.

Resilient Floor Care: Resilient floors will be swept and spot mopped per service and full mopped as needed. Spray buffing, waxing, and floor stripping are Special Projects.

Entry Mats: Entry mats and carpet runners will be vacuumed or damp mopped with each service.

Plastic Chair Mats: Spot cleaned weekly.

Glass Partitions: Spot cleaned as needed and full cleaned with window service. See Special Projects.

Walls: Spot cleaned as needed for small smudges and prints as long as doing so does not mar the paint or spoil the general appearance of the surface.

Trash Disposal: Trash will be emptied with each cleaning. Liners will be replaced as needed from your stock. Trash will be taken to the outside dumpster(s).

Cobs and Critters: Cobs webs will be removed as needed from door frames and window sills.Security is a priority with you and with us.

Lock up, lock up, lock up. Our training manual emphasizes this obligation. It is stressed to every 'newbe' and veterans as well. We know and appreciate that the care, custody and control (CCC) of your premises is left to us for the hours that we work there. Your security procedures will be observed at all times..

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Entry Glass: Spot cleaned each service on both sides. Full cleaning weekly or monthly as needed.

Furniture: Reception area and tables will be dusted and polished or damp wiped as necessary. Chairs, tables and magazines arranged in a neat and orderly fashion. 

Floors: See above, special care for high traffic areas and high visibility sections.

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Rest Rooms

Fixtures: Toilet bowls and seats cleaned and sanitized. Counters, sinks, ledges and fixtures and all bright work cleaned per service. 

Trash Containers: Trash emptied with each service. Containers spot cleaned and sanitized. 

Re-stock: Liners, soap, air fresheners, feminine products replaced from your stock 

Glass: All mirrors and glass cleaned per service. 

Walls: Splash guards and partitions spot cleaned and sanitized per service. Full cleaned as necessary or monthly. 

Floors: Swept, mopped and sanitized per cleaning. Floor drains deodorized as needed or monthly.

Lunch Room, Canteen or Coffee Areas

A clean lunch room or canteen area helps to maintain an attractive surrounding for your staff and visitors. These areas will be cleaned and sanitized per service.

Furniture: Tables and countertops will be damp wiped. Vinyl or plastic furniture will be spot cleaned.

Cabinets: Cabinets spot cleaned as necessary and bright work polished each service.

Vending Machines: Machines are the responsibility of the vending company. We can maintain them for you as a special project.

Trash: Trash will be emptied with each service and liners replaced from your stock. Trash container spot cleaned as necessary.

Floors: Floors will be swept and mopped with each service. Carpeted floors will be vacuumed.

Refrigerators and Microwave Ovens: Outsides of the fridge and microwave spot cleaned per service. Insides of appliances requires a release and is considered a Special Project. (Note: see food service).

General Specifications

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